3D Media Gallery

The inspection of three-dimensional data issued from Tomographic PIV or by 3D Lagrangian Particle Tracking is a challenge due to the complexity of the flow structures in the turbulent regime. When the data relates to time-resolved measurements, the inspection of the flow requires animated illustration. The present gallery shows some examples of time-resolved 3D PIV measurements and related results.



Time-resolved measurement of vortex shedding downstream of a cylinder at Re = 360.

[Scarano F, Poelma C, 2009, Three-dimensional vorticity patterns of cylinder wakes, Experiments in Fluids 47].



Time-resolved measurement of a circular jet in water. Velocity vectors and color contours in a symmetry plane. Iso-surfaces of Q-criterion.

[Violato D, Scarano F, 2011, Three-dimensional evolution of flow structures in transitional circular and chevron jets, Physics of Fluids 23].



Experimental evidence of hairpin vortices during auto-generation in a turbulent boundary layer. Iso-surfaces of swirling strength (green) and streamwise velocity deficit (blue)

[Jodai Y, Elsinga G, 2016 Experimental observation of hairpin auto-generation events in a turbulent boundary layer. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 795]



Three-dimensional organization of low- and high-speed regions with vortices in a turbulent boundary layer at the trailing edge of an airfoil. Iso-surfaces of high-speed (green) and low-speed (blue) regions. Vortices identified by iso-surfaces of Q-criterion (red). (Movie03)

[Ghaemi S, Scarano F, 2011, Counter-hairpin vortices in the turbulent wake of a sharp trailing edge, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 689]



Large-scale three-dimensional measurement using Helium-filled soap bubbles of the velocity field generated by a vertical axis wind turbine. Velocity vectors and color contours of velocity magnitude. Iso-surfaces of Q-criterion for blade tip vortex detection (red).

[Caridi G, ragni D, Sciacchitano A, Scarano F, 2016, HFSB-seeding for large-scale tomographic PIV in wind tunnels, Experiments in Fluids 57]



Large-scale three-dimensional measurement using Helium-filled soap bubbles of a thermal plume (image is rotated). Tracers velocity vectors measured with Shake-the-Box algorithm and color-coded by velocity magnitude. Iso-surfaces of vorticity (gray).

[Huhn F, Schanz D, Gesemann S, Dierksheide U, van de Meerendonk R, Schroeder A, 2017, Large-scale volumetric flow measurement in a pure thermal plume by dense tracking of helium-filled soap bubbles, Experiments in Fluids 58]