Near-Wall Turbulence Characterization in a Turbulent Boundary Layer Using Shake-The-Box

Particle motion within the near-wall region (up to 32 wall units) of a turbulent boundary layer at 10 m/s free stream velocity. Particle tracking performed by Shake-The-Box. Five time-steps overlaid, color coding by streamwise velocity.

PDF of the instantaneous wall-shear stress for the streamwise velocity component showing few negative events (local back-flow) marked by black circle.
Lagrangian tracks (color coded by u-velocity) and iso-contour surfaces of a Q-value at middle time instant (color coded by wall-normal distance y) around a local backflow event (located at black circle) in a view from below the wall


Contributed by:
Andreas Schröder (Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology, German Aerospace Center, Göttingen, Germany)