Lagrangian Particle Tracking in a Large-Scale Impinging Jet Using Shake-The-Box

Results from STB evaluations for the two jet flow velocities (nu_J = 1 m/s, left and
nu_J = 16 m/s, right). Velocity vectors of particles for nine successive time-steps, color-coded by
y-velocity. Detail view for 1 m/s shows a slice of 20mm thickness from the middle of the volume
at the impinging point
Results from the application of FlowFit to the STB tracking results for jet velocities
of 1 m/s (left) and 16 m/s (right). Shown are instantaneous isosurface of Q-criterion (Q = 500/s^2
at nu_J = 1 m/s and Q = 150,000/s^2 at nu_J = 16 m/s). Views from above the impinging plate (top,
colour coded by x-velocity) and from the side (bottom, colour coded by y-velocity) are provided


Contributed by:
Florian Huhn (Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology, German Aerospace Center, Göttingen, Germany)